1. Drive Awareness

Do you know what you want from your fitness?

activator the intention in the gym


The actual words on the activlab master white board from our workout yesterday 1/6/15.

I know. I know. I need some work on my penmanship:) None-the-less the conversation with our clients was as follows:

I asked: Of the 3 intentions or goals listed here, what do you want most out of your fitness right now (today) and beyond?

Our clients chose different primary goals. Some to feel better, some to lose weight, some to “get crushed.”

They asked if they could choose all 3. I said yes.

Discovery #1:

People have different goals at different times.  Don’t miss that. It’s so simple, yet so crucial.  Speak to those goals. LISTEN to their words and answers. Strive to discover WHY and WHAT that MEANS to THEM. It will help the HOW become much more fluid and effective.


Then I said: What if you could only choose 2?

They selected 2 choices, again with different answers/ranking of importance.

Then I asked: What if 1 of the 3 jeopardized the other?  Would you tolerate that? Would that be ok?

They were puzzled.  What do you mean?

I said: What if “getting crushed” (or ripping it, working really hard, etc…) and chasing whatever that means to you, robbed you of truly feeling good?  Some clients said that getting crushed is what feels good!  I nodded and said that I understood.  Personally.  I said, I hear you and smiled.  Because I DID hear them, I do get that.  And I made major mental notes:)

What if losing weight, prevented you from feeling good (physically or about yourself) and/or from having the stamina and the energy to get after it when you wanted to?

Discovery #2:

Language, goals and intentions mean different things to different people at different moments in time.  WE need to communicate clearly with each other to make sure we understand what they understand.

What does getting crushed/working really hard mean to your clients…I’ll bet there are similar answers, different answers and varying degrees of the answer.  And how do they “FEEL worked”?! Muscle burn, lung burn, like they want to throw up, sweating profusely? A combination?  What moves, exercises, workouts, activity makes them feel that way?

What does lose weight mean? Really mean to them?  How to they view it in their minds and accordingly paint a picture of what it has to look like for them to get there?

What does feel better mean?  What does it mean????  To them?  To you?  I would tender that all fitness should make people feel better. Are there days when they finish a workout and feel better than when they came in?  MORE energized.  Not only hunched over in a pool of sweat, breathless, dazed and confused (there’s a place for that, for some, don’t get me wrong).


When fitness makes people truly feel better, not just worked hard, and the pieces come together, they WILL look better, move better, feel better and train harder AND be able to do it over the long haul.  That’s good fitness.

Discovery #3:

The questions/topics/goals can change.  They should.  As often as need be to learn more and deliver good fitness. The above 3 are just examples.

BUT!!! – by asking key questions, you HEAR what matters to your clients (and yourself) and can begin to create an activmap to help them discover the WHY’s, HOW’s and WHEN’s of THEIR fitness journey.

It allows you to see them more clearly.  It helps you shape your language to speak INTO each of them as a group and as individuals.  It helps you discover the content, programming and services that will meet them where they’re at and shepherd them toward where they really want to go…

Even if they don’t know that’s the path yet 🙂


David Jack


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David Jack
David Jack One of the world's most recognized sports performance and conditioning coaches, David Jack creates experiences that help people discover, co-create, and activate the greatness that lies within them.

"I believe that as we use our strengths; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to serve, we are given more. Fitness has been relegated to 6 pack abs, a faster 40, a bigger bench, a better Fran time. Goals are good, and they matter. But if all we train and prepare for is to improve our fitness metrics, or look better for others that judge us, then that’s all we get. But as we cast our Eyes Up, and choose to Rise Up, acting out of inspiration with intention for purposes greater than self, amazing things begin to happen. When great people, places and things come together to create the change they seek in the world, the positive effects cascade forever. This is my mission, my activprayer: To use my God given gifts, talents and passions to inspire, connect, teach and share with others in an effort to change the way we look at fitness, ourselves and those around us. To help people get ready to be ready when they are called upon, becoming the who THEY were created to be, in order to do the WHAT ONLY THEY CAN DO."
– David Jack
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