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The 19

To lift up and remember the 19 firefighters (and their families) who died in Yarnell, AZ

Custom, improvised team workout with “the 19” rock

“This was more than a workout; this was about honoring the memory of men who put their lives on the line so others may sleep in peace.

Through physical adversity we rose up and dedicated our actions to their memory. My focus was on peace and healing for their families. Through meaningful, concentrated and powerful actions we can change the environment around us and bring warmth to others.”


— Michael Sanchez

The Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ is home to an activprayer initiative called the Activ8 LAB (LAB). It is here where we explore processes, products, and services that help people better understand who they uniquely are and how best to act, in light of that knowledge, for intentions that bring a deep sense of joy and satisfaction.

An integral part of the LAB culture is the opportunity, as individuals or a group, to dedicate one’s actions, through exercise and physical activity, for intentions greater than self. Our LAB director, David Jack, was out of town the day that 19 firefighters laid down their lives in Yarnell, AZ. Stirred by the deaths of these heroic firefighters, our family at the LAB created and dedicated a workout that was simply name – and will always remain – “The 19”. It will be used only in remembrance of these men and their families on either the anniversary of the tragedy or at any other time the community at the LAB is motivated to commemorate these men.

This activprayer was particularly special because the dedication came from within – from our members – not our coaches. The activprayer was eloquently executed. The men prepared for the activprayer by composing their own workout, writing their intentions on the dedication board, and reflecting on why this was important to them. They acted upon those intentions with integrity: giving a purposeful 100%. And they shared their AP by taking pictures and bringing those images to the memorial site as a gesture from our family to the firefighters’ families. A rock that was used as part of the workout remains in our facility bearing the number 19. It will always have a special meaning for the family at the LAB.

We are grateful for the men who gave their lives that day: for the courage and duty to a mission voluntarily chosen and the service to which they daily committed themselves. It exemplifies denial of self and the desire to give strength to those in need. We will hold the families they left behind in our hearts and hope you will do the same by sharing their story, adding to it with your own actions, and creating your own activprayers that support a similar cause in the public service community. You can visit “The 19” activprayer here.

David Jack
David Jack One of the world's most recognized sports performance and conditioning coaches, David Jack creates experiences that help people discover, co-create, and activate the greatness that lies within them.

"I believe that as we use our strengths; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to serve, we are given more. Fitness has been relegated to 6 pack abs, a faster 40, a bigger bench, a better Fran time. Goals are good, and they matter. But if all we train and prepare for is to improve our fitness metrics, or look better for others that judge us, then that’s all we get. But as we cast our Eyes Up, and choose to Rise Up, acting out of inspiration with intention for purposes greater than self, amazing things begin to happen. When great people, places and things come together to create the change they seek in the world, the positive effects cascade forever. This is my mission, my activprayer: To use my God given gifts, talents and passions to inspire, connect, teach and share with others in an effort to change the way we look at fitness, ourselves and those around us. To help people get ready to be ready when they are called upon, becoming the who THEY were created to be, in order to do the WHAT ONLY THEY CAN DO."
– David Jack
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