Spiritual Fitness

Magnify the Good

Spiritual fitness is the ground of all fitness. If we’re not fit spiritually, we’re not fit. Period. Spiritual fitness involves what we believe (we all have elementary human faith in things, from gravity to coffee), what kind of purpose we have in our lives, and what ultimately gives meaning to everything that we do and ties together the whole of our life. Spiritual fitness is the unifying element in our lives that allows us to be integrated human beings.

We give testimony to the value of spiritual things everyday. The highest values (humility, compassion, fortitude…) are things that move us when we see them incarnated in the lives in the others. We experience the deep desire within us for a fulfillment that no workout will ever be able to provide. We know the power of human touch, of service, of tenderness to completely change the life of another. Deep down, we all know that if there is not virtue and love being formed beneath the surface of our actions, then they’re not actions worth doing. Our purpose is greater.

On this site, we view the spiritual pillar as the foundation and unifying element of the other three. It gives them direction and inner meaning. At the end of the day, what we believe directly impacts the kinds of actions that we undertake, in the gym…and in life.



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