1. Drive Awareness

Push Across America

To raise awareness and build the endowment fund for those with disabilities to participate in Stay-Focused programs

A wheelchair push across the United States in 71 days

Ryan Chalmers dedicated his inspired action to an intention greater than himself. That was the only way he could push his wheelchair a distance equivalent to approximately 2-3 marathons per day for 71 straight days.

Watch this video. Observe his perseverance through peaks and valleys, one grueling wheel turn at a time. What you do not see or hear is how much pain he was in, or how, after only three days, he thought that he might now be able to complete his journey. But he would not stop. He had committed to a schedule that had kids and supporters waiting to meet him all across the country. And he did not quit. He pressed on because this journey was not about him: it was about them. They were his intentions. They inspired his actions. And they were bigger than him.

Even though Ryan’s push is over, this epic activprayer still creates waves of inspiration and change. That is the beauty of inspired action; even after it has been completed, its life continues to grow and flourish. And Ryan’s activprayer is just getting started: his plan is to seek out others, feature their stories, and reveal the heroes that live inside of them.

We are honored to share Ryan’s story and hope that you will do the same with others. Consider joining this activprayer with your own inspired action.

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