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Pull-ups for Zoe

For Zoe, a teen from Ohio with cystic fibrosis, and her wish to renovate a children’s hospital

A Guinness Book World Record attempt at 4,020 pull-ups in 24 hours

When Paul Theodore and his wife, Amber, met Zoe, they were inspired to uncommon action.

Zoe is a special young lady who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. Although some days require her to summon tremendous courage to get out of bed, she carries an enduring light that shines even in the darkest spaces. Zoe was granted any wish her heart desired and, selflessly, she chose to share it with others: asking to renovate a room in the Rainbow and Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, where she had spent many days and nights. She wanted families, visiting their sick loved ones, to feel welcome and at home. Theo and Amber pledged to support Zoe with inspired action, and the first activprayer event was born.

Theo was determined to break the Guinness Book Record for most pull-ups in a 24-hour period to honor Zoe and support her wish. He had never done more than twenty pull-ups in a row: it was not his strongest suit, but he felt inspired to give it everything that he had.

Amber took on the daunting task of supporting Theo’s training and rallying a community to support Zoe’s cause: an effort that yielded approximately 400 onsite supporters.

At 7 AM, on a cold February morning, Theo started doing pull-ups: six pull-ups at a time. We were awed as he fought through pain, cramps, and blisters for a cause greater than himself. 14 hours and 2,588 pull-ups later Theo and Amber found themselves humbled and exhausted; yet, incredibly grateful to have completed an extraordinary spiritual journey that raised of $25,000 and mobilized an entire community.

The stories created that day are too numerous to recount in full – some will remain private, some are still developing, and some will be shared on a larger scale in days and years to come. New relationships are growing. Families who will never meet Theo, Amber, Zoe, or the others that supported the event, will have their lives touched by this inspired action.

We are honored to be apart of and share Theo, Amber and Zoe’s story. We hope you will do the same with others. Consider joining this activprayer with action that inspires you.

Special thanks to Theo, Amber, Zeo, and FitMeUp Fitness for allowing us to share.

Paul Theodore
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