Physical Fitness

Magnify Your Life

We all know physical fitness is important. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to live a healthy lifestyle. The world puts a lot of obstacles in our way, and it’s a daily struggle to live according to what we know is good and true with so many false friends vying for our attention.

We believe that one of the root problems in our culture is a misunderstanding about just what the body is. It’s often something set over and against ourselves, as if it was an appendage that we bear the burden of caring for. Listen to the language of most fitness magazines – the body is talked about like a “thing” that is separate from our self.

We’re not a body that has a soul, or a soul that has a body. Both of those are misleading. We’re a unity of body/soul.

Neither one “has” the other.  When we touch someone’s body, we’re touching a soul. When we train our body, we’re training our soul. They are so intimately connected that nothing can separate them in this life except death.

And that’s the meat of the matter: physical fitness is so important because it’s not just our bodies that participate in it, it’s ourselves. You can think of the body as the “visible part of the soul”, or the part of ourselves that mediates our experience with the world. Our senses are like the soul’s tools for interacting with the people and things around us.

When we have a headache, we find it hard to appreciate a beautiful sunset; when we have an aching body, it’s hard to appreciate and fully enter into all that this life has to offer us. And that’s why physical fitness is so important – not primarily to feel good or look good or live a long, happy life (although all of those things are important), but to be able to enter deeper into the mystery of life at this very moment. 

That’s fitness magnifying the good in life.

Fitness is a gift. Fitness is not merely something that we do or achieve, but ultimately something that we receive.

The receiving part does not get as much attention, but there can be no fitness with it. We often take it for granted.It’s important to make healthy food choices and to get an adequate amount of exercise, but it is equally important to get enough sleep, sunshine, and air. When we keep this in mind, we’re less likely to fall into the illusion that fitness is something that we achieve and not something that we receive a large part of as gift – like our life itself.

As you can see, we take a broader perspective on physical fitness. We hope the articles and videos here will Challenge the Ordinary and bring a new horizon for fitness into view…a horizon we’re seeing more of each and every day, and which is beginning to shine its light onto every part of the fitness industry.

Eyes up, rise up. It’s coming.




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