Our Mission

Our mission is to magnify the good wherever it is found – in people, in places, in everyday actions. It’s everywhere, if only we seek it.

Food is good. Movement is good. The body is good. Most of all, you are good.

If you listen to the news or the lies that the world tells us everyday about ourselves, you quickly forget. It seems as if the bad is magnified. The good goes unnoticed, unexplored, unhonored. It’s certainly not magnified.

We want to change that.
We’re starting with the fitness industry.

Fitness is a broken and tired industry that is often trying to serve broken and tired people. Look at the ads. There is always a promise to give us something that it assumes we don’t already have. It doesn’t start with what’s good –it starts with what it thinks we lack: what is not good, what is tired, what is broken. It starts with fixing. How could it not? The industry is trapped in a cycle of need and dependence itself, and it assumes that we are too.

Enough of that. We’re the greatest miracle on earth.

We’re starting with goodness.

Our bodies were created with more neurons in our brain than stars in the entire universe, and with hearts that are restless until they rest in Goodness itself.

We believe in the goodness of creation, and especially in the pinnacle of that creation: You.

That’s where we choose to begin.

We begin fitness with the goodness that is your Motivational Core. You were created with it. We invest the time to discover it and magnify it in everything that we do, from fitness programming to nutrition.

We begin nutrition with the goodness that is the coffee bean and the grape and the cocoa bean, the goodness of eating together, the goodness of those human values that transform food from something merely biological into something spiritual.

We begin coaching with the basic assumption that every coach and every client has unique and unrepeatable gifts. It’s our job to nurture them. It’s not enough to fix what is broken and be free of injury and disease. We were made to flourish and grow into the fullness of those gifts – to be human beings fully alive. We begin with what is good – it’s already there – and we magnify it.

This site is for people to share their stories and wisdom about magnifying the good across all four pillars of fitness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Whether it’s sharing a simple idea for magnifying the good in a family breakfast or a coaching session at your local gym, it should live here if it’s about giving life to the good seed that is already planted. The goodness is there – it’s up to us to discover, honor, and magnify it. Are you with us?

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.






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