Mental Fitness

Magnify Your Mind

Ask any golfer how much of the game they believe is mental – almost all of them will tell you at least half. But ask them how much practice time they devote to the mental game, and the answer is usually under 5%. We’re not much different.

Mental fitness means taking care of our minds with the same attention that we devote to our bodies. It starts with brain health – our brains need proper nutrition and exercise like any muscle does – and extends to our thoughts, our habits, our resilience, and our basic decision making.

The fitness of our minds dramatically impacts our ability not only to think correctly, but ultimately to make good decisions. Think of a mind on drugs or alcohol – an unfit mind makes poor decisions on a daily basis. A fit mind is able to cope with stress, make good decisions, and drive a total fitness program – because it starts with intention, and intention starts in the mind.

Fitness is intention becoming action. And intentions begin in the mind.

Mental fitness is much more than the absence of disease – it’s flourishing. Our goal is to give this pillar of fitness the full attention it deserves so that you can flourish, and see the connections between the intentions that you have and your ability to act on them.

When this happens, you not only magnify your mind…you magnify the good.

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