These are not ordinary fitness coaches. Each of them is part of a family of fitness professionals who are dedicated to magnifying the good in fitness and the people it serves. They understand the Craft, the Spirit, the Challenge, and the Legacy of fitness.  Beneath the map you will find a full listing of coaches associated with the Magnify Project to magnify the good in fitness and in the lives of the people it serves.

ZIP / Address:

Atif Kedri

43.73240632948841, -79.45243835449219

Founder of AK Fitness studio -- Award-winning trainer 

Brian Johnston

33.82593446346627, -84.37431335449219

Brian Johnston is an accomplished fitness professional and Founder & Creative Director of Fitness DISCovery Systems. 

David Jack

33.38673294052008, -111.97196960449219

David Jack is Co-Founder of ActivPrayer and one of the world's most recognized sports performance and conditioning coaches. He is an industry leader out of Phoenix, AZ (where he runs the ActivLab, ActivPrayer's flagship club) and who has appeared on the Katie Couric show, Fox News, in Men's Health magazine, and more.

Dean Carlson

43.212307533432934, -71.53738975524902

Dean Carlson is a Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Master coach, a certified Functional Aging Specialist through The Functional Aging Institute, and a Level 2 Youth Conditioning Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association. He also holds instructor certifications with TRX, Kettlebell Athletics, and Training for Warriors.

Dean was recognized in 2010, 2012 and 2013 as Best Fitness Trainer in Concord by the Hippo Press and in 2010 as Best Fitness Trainer in the Capital Area by the Concord Insider.

Dominic Frazier

42.257491812895466, -83.8253402709961

"For me, Fitness is the ability of being healthy while having the time of your life doing it. I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years, holding a bachelors of Exercise Science. I've seen many things come and go, but I have always and will continue to stand by the mantra, 'HEALTH is WEALTH and Movement is Medicine.'"

After being diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 17 he knew it would be his overall health and wellbeing that would keep him alive. So when you think he doesn't understand you, he walks the walk and talks the talk.

Joshua Corona

32.686775671606185, -96.85478210449219

27 year old ex- U.S. Navy Sailor Joshua Corona, has been a certified personal trainer since 2008. Joshua, or JFITT as he is more commonly know by his loyal clients, has devoted the last five years of his life to exclusively providing motivation and direction in the world of personal training. 

Jfitt has been happily married for 7 years and has a mini personal trainer in the making, a 3yr old son named Ethan Adan. Being a personal trainer and boot camp instructor has become more than a career for Jfitt but a personal mission to provide motivation, inspiration and guidance to his clients.

Luke Burgis

39.08850195155841, -77.07939147949219

Luke Burgis is Co-Founder & CEO of ActivPrayer, a CSCS-certified fitness professional, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship in Washington, DC.

Phil Hueston

39.95514867023601, -74.19608116149902

Phil has been helping athletes succeed for over 10 years. Parents, athletes, coaches, doctors and physical therapists call on him to help athletes from all sports reach their maximum potential! Phil uses a no-nonsense, results-oriented approach to training youth athletes. He also knows that the most effective training is training the athlete enjoys.

The IYCA Coach of the Year for 2012-2013, Phil is also the co-author of "The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance," a #1 Best-Seller in two separate literary categories.

He has also contributed to "The IYCA Big Book of Programs," a resource for coaches, trainers and athletes in their quest for sports performance and maximal fitness success.

Having been a trainer and manager in a large health club as well as an independent fitness trainer, he recognizes that clients seek out fitness professionals to get results.

Tom Hurley

39.95843825560659, -75.71760177612305

MAGNIFY, Master Trainer, Head of Education and Curriculum Design

Tom has been working in the field of Sport Psychology as a consultant for over 15 years and has programmed with dozens of teams. A former Behavioral Therapist and certified Fitness Professional, Tom combines years of knowledge and experiences to create unique personalized programs and events designed to address specific needs within teams that he works with.

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